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Why You Should Make Iced Coffee With A Martini Shaker

Here’s the thing about iced coffee: It’s difficult to mix in your milk of choice without winding up with an uneven coffee-to-milk ratio or the beverage all over your countertop. Sure, you could refrain from filling your brew up to the brim to avoid spillage, but who wants to waste precious sips of caffeine? Not me. 

So I always stuck to a hot cup of joe for the sake of time and ease, until I stumbled into a corner coffee shop (the name escapes me; I must do some detective work to find the place that changed my coffee routine!), and the barista performed some martini shaker magic before handing me a perfectly blended, frothy iced beverage. 

It makes total sense when you think about it: These cocktail shakers simultaneously mix ingredients and chill the drink way faster than simply stirring in some ice. With coffee, it instantly delivers an icy, blended beverage topped with some delicious foam, for good measure. It can be difficult to achieve that creamy, frothy consistency without loading the drink with milk and sugar, which gives this hack extra points in my book. 



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