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What should a beginner do at the gym? Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Many people today are not happy with their body because their body is not what they want. We do not  exercise on a daily basis and do not pay attention towards our diet as well. To have good health and to keep it in balance, we have to take care of our health.Discipline is a key to success, to Get your desired body you have to take some measures.

Today’s era is such an era in which every person is very busy and due to busyness, he cannot pay attention to his health due to which he cannot get his desired body . Staying healthy and fit is the only way through which you can live a good and peaceful life that makes you happy.

Now moving on to our topic ,if you are newbie and you don’t have enough knowledge about the gym then i ‘m here to help you. To get perfect body shape you have to go to the gym. Going to the gym only is not beneficial until we have an experienced trainer, who helps us to do every exercise perfectly and he will guide you about a diet as well. Now if you are a beginner then i will try to give some tips and tricks regarding gym and exercises on your first day and onwards.

So,let me tell you the whole thing,read the article carefully and follow the instructions.

Warm Up

During your first day, Start from warming up. Warm up means a basic exercise you have to do before practicing any other hardcore exercise to get your body ready. I will suggest that you do some running on the treadmill so that your body becomes active.

After that you have to do some push ups, sit ups and chin ups according to your stamina or as  per instructors guideline. After all these steps your warm up is done and now your body is ready to do Next gym exercises.


Workout Exercise

After warming up your body, you have to practice some basic exercises for your upper body.

Upper body means your biceps,your triceps, shoulders and chest etc. i ‘m going to tell you some exercises that you can follow otherwise you can do as per you instructor guideline.So, exercises are mentioned below,

  • Biceps exercise ( 5 reps and 3 sets )
  • Chest exercise ( 6 reps and 4 sets )
  • Triceps exercise ( 6 reps and 3 sets )
  • Shoulder exercise ( 8 reps and 6 sets )

Follow the above instructions and do the same.you will surely get the desired results. These are just recommended figures you can change them as per your need.

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As we discussed above, if you are a beginner and want to shape your body to stay fit then you should do above mentioned exercises and warm up .if you followed everything perfectly and stay consistent to it then you will surely get the results in very short time. If you like our content then please share it with your loved ones .Thanks


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