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Vegan perfume an honest review of Dolma Fragrances for women

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I always think perfume is a good way to treat yourself because it is used regularly it can be bought again and again. Did you know you can even get vegan perfume? Whether you eat a vegan diet or not, if you want to make a small change for the environment and animals then vegan perfume like these from Dolma Vegan Fragrances could be perfect for you.

What is vegan perfume?

Whilst initially you may think all perfumes are vegan, sadly they are not. Some contain animal-based products, usually secretions from animals or milk in lotions etc.

Here are some of the things you should look out for in perfumes that are derived from animals:

  • Civet – An anal secretion from a type of cat-like animal from Asia and Africa.
  • Musk – Anal secretions from a variety of animals.
  • Artificial vanilla or Castoreum – This is also used in foods and is a secretion from beavers.
  • Milk – can be from a variety of animals.
  • Hyraceum – fossilised badger urine.
  • Ambergris – Sperm whale secretions
  • Honey – a product from bees.

Many vegans also choose to avoid palm oil as the impact of deforestation on these plantations is varied, often including reducing forests which means animals living in those environments have less space and higher human-animal contact.

A truly vegan perfume will not contain any of these ingredients.

Another aspect of vegan perfumes is to ensure that at no point in the process any ingredients have been tested on animals.

Dolma Fragrances – my thoughts

I received a Women’s Discovery Set from Dolma Fragrances to try out. It includes all their range of perfumes so I could try them out. The variety of perfumes I love is quite vast so I was keen to see how I found this set.

I am pleased to see that no animal ingredients are used and they are well tested but not on animals. The range is free from parabens, palm oil and phthalates.

I was a bit unsure how to feel about perfumes from a small business as whilst I like supporting small businesses I worried that they might not be as good quality as the big brands. I was pleasantly surprised at both the scents and the ethics of the brand. I truly don’t think they will be a small business for much longer when more people become aware of them.

The set really has something for everyone with all different scents. My favourites in the set are Amethyst Mist, Compassion, Sun Joy and Midnight Velvet.

Perfume prices from Dolma Fragrances range from £3.50 for a 1.8ml sample bottle to £69.95 for a full 100ml bottle. There are also offers such as 3 10ml bottles for £43.50 if you are still struggling to decide on just one!

A set like this would make a perfect gift for your bestie! Plus when you buy a discovery set you get a 30% off coupon to use on a full-size bottle so it makes a great gift.

Win a Dolma Frangrances discovery set

I know how much my readers love a giveaway so I have bagged a great one for you here. One lucky winner can win a discovery set, like I had, with mini perfumes to try out and discover what you like.

It is also a lovely way of trying out vegan fragrances without buying a big bottle and realising it doesn’t smell to your taste.

How to enter

It is really easy to enter giveaways on Just Average Jen. I use an external site called Gleam that picks a winner automatically for me too! Simply comment on this blog post and then click on the widget below to tell me the name you used to comment!

If you have not used this before you may need to also use your email address when signing in. This is simply so I know who to contact if you win!

Commenting on this blog post is the only mandatory entry, once you have completed that you can get extra entries to increase your chances of winning by completing the other tasks shown to you which include following me on Twitter and other similar easy tasks.

Please remember that if you follow me as part of an entry you need to still be following me when the giveaway ends and a winner is drawn otherwise your entry is invalidated!

Win a Dolma Fragrances Women’s discovery set

Good Luck!

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