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Top 5 Ways to Do Plant-Based Yogurts

Learn how to dip into plant-based yogurt alternatives as a healthy, delicious plant-powered option for your day with these Top 5 Ways to Do Plant-Based Yogurts.

Plant-based diets are good for your body and the planet. And if you’re trying to power up on plants more often, one way you can do that is to make the switch to plant-based yogurt alternatives. They can offer a tasty, versatile, nutritious plant-based alternative to dairy-based yogurts. Beyond good taste, I’m also looking for powerful nutrition in my plant-based yogurt alternatives. If you choose wisely, plant-based yogurts can provide protein, calcium, vitamin D, and live active cultures to your day. But many plant-based yogurt alternatives are skimpy on the nutrients, which is why I suggest you turn over the label and read the ingredients list.

Now days, you can find plant-based yogurts made out of plants like coconut, almond, soy, rice, oats, and more. But it’s important to look for a plant-based yogurt that not only tastes good, but contains a positive lineup of nutrients and ingredients. I look for a good dose of protein (around 6 g per serving), live and active cultures, no artificial colors or flavors, and low amounts of added sugars. You can dip into plant-based yogurt as a snack or compliment to breakfast, but you can also enjoy it in numerous other ways. 

Creamy Peach Yogurt Parfait

My 5 Top Ways to Do Plant-Based Yogurt Alternatives

Try these strategies for using plant-based yogurt alternatives to power your healthy eating all day long.

1. Do Breakfast
Just pop the lid on a plant-based yogurt alternative, top it with cereal and fruit, and you’ve got a breakfast meal in one. Try hot cereal, whole grain flakes, muesli, or granola in your breakfast yogurt bowl, topped with seasonal fruit (berries and stone fruit in the summer, apples and persimmons in the fall, pomegranates and dried fruit in the winter) and a sprinkle of flax seeds and nuts for a dose of healthy fats and protein.

Strawberry Shortcake from Plant-Powered for Life

2. Plant-Powered Dessert Magic
Try plant-based yogurt alternatives as a subtly sweet, creamy ingredient in plant-based desserts. Stir it into banana pudding, trifle, and strawberry shortcake (featured in my book Plant-Powered for Life). You can also use plant-based yogurt alternatives as a topping on fruit salads, cakes, bars, and brownies.

Pomegranate Farro Bowl from California Vegan

3. Savory Cooking
Turn to plain, unsweetened, unflavored plant-based yogurt for savory recipes that call for plain yogurt, such as Tzatziki, dips, and casseroles. Whenever you read a recipe that calls for plain yogurt, you can pull out your tub of plain plant-based yogurt alternative. I love to make yogurt dressings to power over my salads and bowls, too.

Easy Berry Soy Yogurt Parfait

4. Layer it On Thick
Make a healthy dessert parfait by layering vanilla plant-based yogurt, fruit, nuts, and granola. Try a variety of seasonal fruits, such as berries, peaches, mangos, papaya, pineapple, and melons. Use a mason jar to show off your layers and provide a handy container for toting for lunch or snacks.

Smoothies are fabulous with a dose of plant-based yogurt.

5. Smoothie Magic
Add plain or flavored plant-based yogurt to your next smoothie for a creamy nutritious kick. Just spoon in one small tub with your favorite green veggies and fruits and push the button.

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