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Nature Canada’s 50/50 Raffle Finishes Its Final Draw!

Roughly this time last year Nature Canada started the Nature Canada 50/50 Raffle and we can’t even begin to thank everyone who participated to make it the incredible success that it was month after month.

Your support in Nature Canada’s 50/50 Raffle helps to protect and restore nature in Ontario and save local wildlife. Because of your participation in our raffle, we’re able to do more to ensure that Ontario’s wild spaces and species thrive. 

We’re thrilled and want to take this opportunity to introduce the winners of Nature Canada’s FINAL 50/50 raffle!

Our Grand Prize Winner of:


George Malcolm

Coboconk, ON

Ticket # A-3175357

And let’s also introduce our Early Bird winner!

Our Early Bird Prize Winner of:


Sara Thompson

Scarborough, ON

Ticket # A-1166272

Let’s send a huge congratulations to all of our 50/50 Raffle winners!!

Thank you again to everyone who participated. For a full list of our winners you can visit nature5050.com. Want to find another way to support Nature Canada? You can make a donation on our website. Or follow our work by signing up for updates



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