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James Caan, Oscar Nominee For ‘The Godfather,’ Dies At 82

James Caan, the curly-haired hooligan illustrious to moving-picture show fans because the hotheaded cub Corleone of “The Godfather” and to tv audiences as each the dying jock within the classic weeper “Brian’s Song” and also the casino boss in “Las Vegas,” has died. He was 82.

His manager Matt DelPiano aforementioned he died on Wed. No cause was given and Caan’s family, UN agency requests privacy, aforementioned that no more details would be free at now. “Jimmy was one among the best. Not solely was he one among the simplest actors our business has ever seen, he was funny, loyal, caring and beloved,” DelPiano aforementioned.

“Our relationship was continuously friendly relationship before business. i’ll miss him dearly and am proud to own worked with him of these years.” Rob Reiner, UN agency directed Caan in “Misery” tweeted, “I idolised operating with him. and also the solely someone I knew UN agency may calf rope with the simplest of them.” A jock at Michigan State University and a bad hat on production sets, Caan was a smile, handsome performing artist with associate athlete’s swagger and muscular build.

He managed an extended career despite drug issues, outbursts of temper and minor brushes with the law. Caan had been a favourite of Francis Ford film producer since the Sixties, once film producer solid him for the lead in “Rain individuals.” He was set for a featured role in “The Godfather” as cub, the No. one help and eldest son of Mafia boss Vito Corleone.

Sonny Corleone, a violent and reckless man UN agency conducted several killings, met his own finish in one among the foremost jarring moving-picture show scenes in history. On his thanks to another job, Corleone stops at a toll booth that he discovers is unnervingly innocent of customers.

Before he will escape he’s prevent by a on the face of it endless fusillade of machine-gun hearth. for many years when, he once aforementioned, strangers would approach him on the road and jokingly warn him to remain beyond toll roads. Caan warranted with Brando, Henry M.

Robert Duvall associated alternative solid members and created it a degree to urge everybody riant throughout an otherwise tense production, typically dropping his pants and “mooning” a fellow actor or trained worker. Despite Coppola’s fears he had created a flop, the 1972 unharness was a huge vital and business success and brought supporting actor honor nominations for Caan, Duvall and Al Pacino.

Caan was already a star on tv, breaking through within the 1971 TV moving-picture show “Brian’s Song,” associate emotional drama regarding Chicago Bears back Brian transverse flute, UN agency had died of cancer the year before at age twenty six. it had been among the foremost common and painful TV movies in history and Caan and co-star Billy Dee Williams, UN agency contend Piccolo’s associate and succor wind writer, were appointive for best actor Emmys.

After “Brian’s Song” and “The Godfather,” he was one among Hollywood’s busiest actors, showing in “Hide in Plain Sight” (which he conjointly directed), “Funny Lady” (opposite Barbra Streisand), “The Killer Elite” and Neil Simon’s “Chapter 2,” among others. He conjointly created a quick look in an exceedingly flashback sequence in “The Godfather, Part II.” But by the first Eighties he began to bitter on films, tho’ Michael Mann’s 1981 neo-noir heist film “Thief,” during which he contend an expert cracksman searching for the way out, is among his most loved films.

“The fun of it had been bumped off,” he told associate questioner in 1981. I simply walked out of an image at predominate. I aforementioned you haven’t got enough cash to create American state head to work a day with a director I don’t like.” He had begun to struggle with drug use and was desolated by the 1981 leucaemia death of his sister, Barbara, UN agency till then had been a inner spirit in his career.

For a lot of of the Eighties he created no films, telling individuals he most popular to educate his son Scott’s baseball league games. Short on money, Caan was employed by film producer for the leading role within the 1987 film “Gardens of Stone.” The moving-picture show, regarding life at urban center National burial ground, tried too grim for many audiences, however it revived Caan’s acting career.

He came back to full-fledged high status opposite Kathy Bates in “Misery” in 1990. within the film, supported author King’s novel, Caan is associate author taken captive by associate obsessed fan UN agency breaks his ankles to stay him from going away. Bates won associate honor for the role. Once again in demand, Caan marked in “For the Boys” with Bette Midler in 1991 as a part of a song-and-dance team amusive U.S. troopers throughout war II and also the Korean and Vietnam wars. the subsequent year he contend a tongue-in-cheek version of cub Corleone within the comedy “Honeymoon in Vegas,” tricking Nicolas Cage into card-playing his girlfriend, wife Jessica Parker, in an exceedingly high-stakes poker thus he will spirit her away and check out to influence her to marry him.

Other later films enclosed “Flesh and Bone,” “Bottle Rocket” and “Mickey Blue Eyes.” He introduced himself to a replacement generation enjoying Walter, the compulsive, stone-faced father of Buddy’s can Ferrell in “Elf.” Born March twenty six, 1939, in big apple town, Caan was the son of a kosher meat distributer. He was a star contestant and sophistication president at Rhodes highschool and, when attending Michigan State and Hofstra University, he studied at the Neighborhood wendy house college of the rostrum underneath Sanford Meisner.



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