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Different Types of Asexuality — Talkspace

Romantic Orientation

While asexuals might not experience sexual attraction, they may still have romantic connections with others. In fact, approximately 74% of asexuals say they experience romantic attraction. The asexuality spectrum is broad, and feelings about sex and romance can vary greatly from person to person. 


Sometimes referred to as “aroaces” or just “aro,” aromantic describes those who don’t have any (or very little) feelings of romantic attraction. An aromantic asexual is more likely to avoid sex than some other asexual types. They simply may not feel any need to connect on that level, either physically or emotionally. 


As the name implies, greyromantic asexuality falls into a grey area. While they don’t usually feel any sort of romantic interest, someone who’s greyromantic may have romantic feelings for another person at some point in their lives.


People who are demiromantic can have romantic feelings towards others, but they’re not able to develop them until after they’ve become very close to someone. Some people who identify as demisexual also identify as demiromantic. 


When people are bisexual, they experience sexual attraction to both males and females. Being biromantic is similar, but it refers to romantic feelings.


When someone only has romantic feelings for people of the opposite gender, heteroromantic attraction and heterosexuality often go hand in hand. However, people who are asexual may also identify as heteroromantic.


Someone who’s homoromantic exclusively feels romantic desire for people of the same gender. Asexuals of any gender can experience homoromantic attraction. 


Someone who is panromantic has romantic, emotional feelings and connections to all people, regardless of gender. For panromantic people, gender has no influence over romantic attraction. 


While there are similarities between polyromantic and panromantic attraction, people who are polyromantic can have a romantic attraction to many (though not necessarily all) genders. Their attraction doesn’t always include sexual attraction, though. 



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