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Coffee Table Decor | Julie Blanner

Your coffee table decor can make a statement in your living room, or quietly serve a variety of functions. The choice is yours! Get all my best tips for coffee table styling in this quick and easy guide.

Today, we’ll take a look at some beautiful coffee table decor ideas to freshen your home for any season.

Learn the best ways to create a functional, beautiful display on this important piece of furniture in your living room!

A white living room with coastal accents and blue and white coffee table decor.

As much as I enjoy the process of decorating a space, it doesn’t always come easy! As a bit of a minimalist, I don’t like a lot of clutter. That means bookshelves and coffee table decorating can feel too busy and complicated to me – I like things to feel effortless!

That’s where this simple guide comes in so handy! I’m sharing a few of my best tips and tricks for simple coffee table decor to make it easier on you. Learn from my mistakes and enjoy the results in your own home!

Along with answering a few of the most commonly asked questions, we’ve also curated list of a few wonderful coffee table decor items to purchase.

I hope it’s helpful, and we’ve really enjoyed putting these resources together! We have tried several different versions of coffee table decor between our St. Louis home and our lake cottage.

Use the drop down Table of Contents to navigate this post. Don’t forget to pin it and save for later, too!

A living room with neutral coffee table decor.

Coffee Table Decor

Your coffee table is the center of your living room, and while you don’t need it to be a focal point, you do want it to be functional, welcoming and cozy.

Use your coffee table to help set the tone for your room and showcase your personal style!

Use unique objects that have a decorative element along with items that serve a function. Creating different heights and adding texture to your coffee table will create dimension and depth to your living room.

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A living room with neutral coffee table decor.

How to Get Started

Consider these quick steps to get started. Your layout will be unique to your home, shape of your table, personal style and needs, of course.

  1. Use a tray to gather objects. It helps create a tidy, intentional look.
  2. Stack books! Use one group of books or try 3-4 stacks if your table is large.
  3. Use a stack topper. Try a candle, a small box or any decorative object for interest.
  4. Choose a vase of fresh flowers or a green plant for an instant touch of cozy. Greenery is one of my top tips for creating a cozy home!
  5. A candle adds warmth.
  6. Coasters can be both beautiful and functional – choose wisely!
A living room with neutral coffee table decor.


  • Find inspiration images that inspire you – check magazines, blogs and Pinterest! Look to your favorite interior designers and influencers for images that can inspire you.
  • Do not overcrowd your coffee table. Leave space to allow pieces to stand out.
  • Create layers- stack items or group them, spacing them slightly apart.
  • Think in terms of odd numbers. Ideally, three items will to create the traditional “design triangle” can help you find the perfect layout. Tall, medium, low is a good rule of thumb but not a hard and fast rule!
  • A monochromatic or minimal color scheme will help you immediately achieve a sophisticated look. Simplify your color palette if it feels like too much.
  • I love to use fresh olive branches in my vases because they dry beautifully and I can leave them for a long time to come. However, don’t hesitate to use faux flowers or plants for a long-lasting pop of greenery!

A raffia coffee table decorated with white flowers and books

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dress a coffee table tray?

Any object that you’d like to place on your coffee table can go inside a tray! Think stacks of pretty coasters, books, decorative objects, vases and candles.

How do you style a small coffee table?

Try to stick to the design rule of “threes”. Choose three objects of varying sizes that can appropriately fill the space, no matter how small. For example, a vase of flowers, a stack of coffee table books, and perhaps a candle.

Coffee Table Decor Items

There are so many beautiful objects that can work for coffee table decor. Use this list to get a good start on your own!

  • Vases
  • Trays
  • Coasters
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Decorative Boxes (these are great for hiding remotes, etc)
  • Floral Arrangements (see the best Artificial Flowers here and learn Where to Buy Flowers here.) A white living room with coastal accents and blue and white coffee table decor.
  • Plants
  • Candles (don’t forget decorative objects that can work alongside a candle, like pretty wick trimmers or matches.)
  • Sculptural Elements and Decorative Shaped Objects
  • Bowls
  • Baskets
  • Sea Shells
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Antiques or Collectibles
A living room with neutral coffee table decor.


These are a few of our favorite items that we’ve used to decorate our coffee tables.

Note: prices are subject to change.

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Traditional Coffee Table Sources

Coastal Coffee Table Sources

A raffia coffee table topped with white flowers and blue and white coffee table books
A raffia coffee table topped with a sea shell on top of blue and white decorative books

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