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3 Best Exercises to Stay Healthy and Fit

In today’s era, who does not want to have good health? Every person has a desire to have good health, and health is the first priority for everyone. What do you want to do to live a healthy life? It is very important for a person to be healthy because if the health is not good, then the person cannot move forward or cannot achieve anything in life.

In today’s era, not being healthy has become a very unusual thing and the main reason for this is the modern human diet and there are many other reasons due to which negative effects on health have been seen.

To live a good and happy life you need good health and there are only two basic things to improve health and the first thing is diet and the second thing is exercise if you do your best. If you do not maintain a good diet or exercise on a daily basis, you will never be able to achieve good health.

A Lot of people cannot afford to pay gym fees on a monthly basis. So, all you have to do is to follow all guidelines of this article to do exercise at home. Today I will tell you some exercises that you can practice at home and you don’t need to go into any gym.

You have to make your exercise routine, you will surely not only get good health but you will also feel peace of mind. 

1. The Plank

The Plank is the most effective exercise which you can practice at your home as per your comfort there are no restrictions on it. This exercise will strengthen your spine and abdominal muscles.

The Planks Also help you to fix your posture and can improve on a number of ailments. So, Planks is the position in which a person lays down on the floor with his elbows under the shoulder. A picture is added below to understand the Plank.

Plank Exercise

Inshort this exercise has three simple steps which are listed under,

  • Lay Down on the floor
  • Keep forearms under shoulders
  • Slowly rise up and hold the position
  • Hold as long as you can

All you have to do is to keep your forearms on the floor and slowly raise your body upward so that your whole body will be in a straight line from head to toe.

2. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is another exercise which you can easily practice at home. Basically it’s a position with a specific pose. A picture is added  below to understand it correctly.

Downward Facing Dog

Follow the steps to do this exercise  correctly.

  1. Keep both hands and feet on the floor
  2. Rise upward your body in inverted V shape
  3. Hold the position for 30 seconds
  4. Repeat the procedure as per your ability

 This exercise will help you to improve your blood flow and it will keep your mind calm.it means this exercise will give you both physical as well as mental health benefits.

 3. Wall Sits

Wall sits are a very common exercise to perform at home because you do not need any type of gym instrument to perform it. Basically it’s the position of the body with the wall. A picture is added to understand it correctly.

Wall Sits

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Follow below mentioned steps to do wall sits.

  • Stick your back against  the wall and open your legs in front of you
  • Now slowly slide down your body below so that your hips and knees bent at 90 degree
  • Hold the position as long as you can
  • Try to extend the holding time for position from previous one

Wall sits exercise will help you to get strong abdominal muscles and it is the best way to build your strength. So, If you Follow all above exercises and stay consistent with it you will surely see the results. If you like our content then please share it with Your friends and loved ones. Thanks


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