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20-Minute Lower Body Power Sculpt

Today we’re working on strong, sculpted legs! This 20-minute power workout will build strength and endurance and really bring the burn!

This workout is actually Day 1 of the Quick Strength and Shred Challenge which I just released in Rock Your Life, my online home workout studio and women’s fitness community. (You can grab a 30-day trial right here!)

We’ll be starting off with strength-building moves that will target your legs and glutes and finishing up with a quick tabata to get your heart rate up and trigger fat loss.

I encourage you to take these moves at your own pace, focusing on proper alignment and engagement to get the most out of every bit of this quick and sweaty workout.

Now grab some items for resistance – like water bottles, laundry jugs or dumbbells and let’s get right into this quick workout!

If you enjoyed that workout and are looking for a sequenced plan that will make the most of your training time, the Quick Strength and Shred Challenge in Rock Your Life is perfect for you!

This power sculpt challenge will work your entire body, giving you balanced strength circuits combined with fast plyometrics. Plus energizing power yoga and restorative yoga to balance it all out! All in just 15-20 minutes a day!

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20 Minute Lower Body Power Sculpt

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Equipment: weighted objects (dumbbells, optional kettlebell, water bottles, jugs or other)

Format: Perform the strength circuit for the prescribed reps for 3 rounds. Once complete move on to the tabata circuit. For Tabatas, perform each move for 0:20 with 0:10 rest between. Repeat for 4 rounds, a total of 4:00.

Pulsing lunges (10-12 each side)

  • Begin standing with feet hip distance apart, core braced, chest upright, shoulders back and down (as if they were against a wall) and with one weight in each hand, either at your shoulders or hanging at your sides.
  • Step your right foot back behind you maintaining an upright posture and engaged core, bending at the knees to come into a lunge position. Be mindful that your front knee is tracking in line with your toes (not collapsing inward).
  • Drive through both feet equally to come to a staggered standing position.
  • Repeat for allotted reps and switch sides.
  • MOD: Remove the weighted objects and perform this exercise with bodyweight only.

Hip Thrust pause (10-12)

  • Sit yourself on the mat in front of your bench (or couch/chair/ottoman) and place a weighted object on your hip creases.
  • Press yourself up with your elbows and feet to position your back against the elevated surface; the edge of the surface should be at the base of your shoulder blades. Your knees should be aligned over your ankles, with your feet planted on the mat.
  • Brace your core and drive through your heels to lift your hips and weighted objects towards the ceiling, knees tracking in line with the toes, squeezing your glutes and pausing at the top.
  • Drop your hips back down toward the mat with control and repeat for allotted reps.
  • MOD: Remove the weighted objects and perform this exercise with bodyweight only.

Sumo goblet squats (8-12)

  • Begin standing with your feet wider than hip distance, allowing your feet to turn out naturally, and holding a single dumbbell (or kettlebell/weighted object) with both hands by one end.
  • Brace your core and send your hips back, keeping your chest up tall (don’t bend forward), weight back in your heels and knees tracking in line with your toes.
  • Drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes as you power back to standing.
  • Repeat for allotted reps.
  • MOD: Remove the weighted object and perform this exercise with bodyweight only.

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Box jumps

  • Begin by standing facing the box (or any sturdy elevated surface) you are jumping onto.
  • With a braced core, lightly bend your knees and power through your heels to explode off the balls of your feet onto the box (use your arms to propel you and land softly on the balls of your feet), squeezing your glutes as you stand upright.
  • Jump or step back down and repeat.
  • MOD: Remove the jump and perform step ups with alternating legs, being mindful to drive through the heel as you step onto the box.

Split squat jumps

  • Begin in a forward lunge position with your knees bent and aligned over your ankles, back knee hovering off of the mat, chest upright and core braced.
  • With your weight primarily in your front foot and your knees tracking your toes, jump up and switch your front and back legs, landing lightly back in a lunge position.
  • Continue alternating sides for allotted time.
  • MOD: Perform alternating reverse lunges to make this low impact and/or hold onto the wall or back of a chair for help with balance.

You rocked that workout, I’m so proud of you! Check in with me and let me know how you are taking care of your body today.

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