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12 Best Natural and Organic Lip Glosses of 2021

Have you ever paused to think about what’s in your makeup? If you take a closer look at your makeup’s ingredients, you’ll probably find a lot of harmful chemicals and substances that aren’t great for our skin. Not to mention that the skin on our lips is thin and can easily absorb chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

When it comes to lipgloss, some contain mineral oils that fail to have many benefits for your skin, and can actually deprive it of nutrients, and are toxic to the environment. Mineral oils, however, are not to be confused with minerals, which can be a healthy alternative ingredient.

With a clean beauty in mind, organic lip gloss is fast becoming the choice for women who are concerned about toxic ingredients in their cosmetics. A certified organic lip gloss will give your smile a subtle lip color and also a little shine without the toxins.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best cruelty-free organic lip gloss brands that contain natural recipes such as plant-based butter, fruit pigments, and antioxidants to nourish your lips and give you the color and shine you want. 

1) NU Evolution’s Organic Lip Gloss

If you want choices, you’ll love perusing NU Evolution’s 17 shades. They also have a brilliant lip luminizer that creates a translucent effect on your lips. It is a concoction of moisturizing all-natural ingredients like organic castor, coconut, jojoba, sunflower seed, beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter oils. It’s also infused with plant and herb extracts from oregano, thyme, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lavender, lemon peel, and grapefruit seeds, making it the perfect 100% natural lip gloss product.

NU Evolution’s Organic Lipgloss from Amazon and other online and in-store retailers for $14.00 per item.

2) Vapour Organic Beauty’s Elixir Organic Lip Gloss

The Elixir Organic Lip Gloss comes in various shades of nudes, pinks, and reds. Formulated from pure and natural plants and minerals that create moisture, this organic lip gloss recipe gives your lips a plumper look. It’s infused with organic oils such as castor, jojoba, beeswax, fig, stevia, plum apricot, green tea, Iceland moss, and myrrh. Apply this lip gloss directly to your bare lips for a polished nude appearance. You can also layer over lipstick to add dimension.

The Elixir Organic Lip Gloss is available from authorized US, UK, Canadian, and Australian online retailers found on the Vapour website. It sells for $26.00 per tube.

3) 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented All Natural Lip Gloss

Find Fruit Pigmented All Natural Lip Gloss in five vibrant shades: medium berry red, bright berry pink, neutral rosy mauve, nude rosy brown, and warm peachy nude. Its organic recipe is made from natural fruits, berries, and herbs such as pomegranate, blackberry, bilberry, turmeric, cranberry, cherry, plum, and sunflower. It features gloss, satin, and matte finishes in sheer, medium, or full cover. 

You can buy Fruit Pigmented All Natural Lip Gloss at 100% Pure store locations in California, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, and New York or online for $22.00.

4) Sappho New Paradigm’s Organic Lip Gloss

This lip balm is a blend of organic oils, butter, and waxes that has a deep consistency to hold color. It features three shades in a silky smooth finish and goes on the lips lightly without causing any sticky lips. This vegan lip gloss contains castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, orange oil, candelilla wax extract, and peppermint oil. It’s sweetened with lemongrass and stevia and is also enriched with flavonoids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Find Sappho New Paradigm lip gloss online for $25.00 per tube.

5) W3ll People’s Bio Extreme Lip Gloss

For a luminous and healthy shine on your lips, consider the Bio Extreme Lip Gloss. It has a dual purpose of moisturizing your lips to make them look fuller and luster. The formulation is a nourishing blend of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, star anise oil, wintergreen oil, aloe vera gel, minerals, and vitamins. Their simple, organic ingredients are perfect for those with allergies and sensitive skin and give the product a mild and semi-sweet taste. It is also great to layer this organic lip gloss over nude or colored lipstick to create a custom color.

All seven colors are available from the W3ll People’s website and other online retailers for $14.99 each.

6) Au Naturale High Lustre Lip Gloss 

The High Lustre Lip Gloss series come in 11 hues of nudes, pinks, reds, mauves, plums, and peaches. The lip glosses are made from essential oils extracted from raspberry, jojoba seed, and castor seed, as well as mineral pigments. You can also use it solo on your lips or over your favorite lip liner or lipstick for a multi-dimensional look. This organic lip gloss boasts long-lasting wear that can last on your lips for hours.

Buy High Lustre tubes starting at around $18.00 from the Au Naturale website and other online beauty retailers.

7) Ecco Bella FlowerColor Good For You Gloss

FlowerColor Good for You Glosses give your lips natural luster without making them feel greasy. This organic lip gloss is made for everyday wear with just the right amount of gloss. They come in four subtle shades of pink and are infused with castor oil, shea butter, palm fruit stearin, aloe vera, candelilla wax, vanilla flavor, and complex Vitamin E. A gluten-free and vegan forumla is perfect for those with senstive skin. They even feature a unique built-in mirror so you can use easily apply your lip balm any time of day.

Find it at Ecco Bella, Amazon, and other online retailers for $21.95. 

8) Erin’s Faces Mineral Lip Gloss

These Mineral Lip Glosses are available in eight shiny colors of nudes, beiges, pinks, peaches, corals, pinky browns, and mauves. They come in different degrees of luster and scents and hydrate your lips with shea butter, jojoba oils, castor oil, chamomile, and grapeseed extract. Not to mention, you’ll love the peppermint and vanilla scents. These glosses will be sure to moisurize your lips while adding the perfect pop of color.

A tube of lip gloss costs $24.00 from Erin’s Faces website and other online retailers. 

9) Lily Lolo Natural Lip Gloss

This natural lip gloss features 10 subtle pigments of pinks and peaches, which are all enriched with organic oils and waxes of jojoba, castor seed, and carnauba. Each tube has lots of Vitamin E to give your lips a natural shimmer. Use a lip brush to make it easy to apply.

Based in the UK, Lily Lolo has expanded its market to the US and Canada. You can purchase your glass tube of the lip gloss online for $16.00 and a lip brush for an additional $9.00.

10) Kjaer Weis Lip Gloss

Kjaer Weis Lip Gloss offers a soft, semi-sheer finish on your lips with eight variations to choose from in tints ranging from nudes to rosy pinks. The main organic ingredients are oil and wax extracts from castor seed, carnauba, sunflower seed, rosehip, and vanilla. In addition, you can glide the lip gloss brush over the lip pencil application for a more opaque finish or over your preferred lipstick for a deeper undertone.

While this lip gloss is made in Italy, you can order a tube online for $38.00.

11) Jane Iredale’s PureGloss Lip Gloss

Featuring 23 dainty has shades of pinks, peaches, and plums. Jane Iredale’s PureGloss Lip Gloss soothes, hydrates, and nourishes your skin with organic botanical extracts. It contains unique ingredients such as moringa oils, avocado butter, orange peel wax, and lotus flower extract for a youthful look. Wear it alone or over a lip pencil or lipstick.

This lip gloss is available at Amazon and other online and in-store outlets for $26.00 per item.

12) RMS Beauty Lip Shine

Enriched with nutrients and antioxidants, RMS Beauty Lip Shine comes in seven tones. Their colors include nudes, caramel browns, purples, fuchsias, and reds. Moreover, its formulation is a mix of castor oil, coconut oil, moringa oils, beeswax, carnauba wax, and rosemary extract. Use it alone for a natural look or dab it over lipstick for added sheen. In addition, you can also use it as a light cheek blush.

It’s available online and in-store at The Detox Market, which has locations in California, New York, and Toronto, Ontario. A small jar costs $25.00.

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